The Secret to Stunning Gardens: Choosing the Right Landscape Materials

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A well-maintained garden is an excellent way to increase the aesthetic beauty and overall value of your residential or commercial property. Leading landscape material suppliers in Tacoma believe investing in high-quality landscape materials can boost your property’s resale value by up to 14%.

More homeowners and gardeners are opting for alternative landscaping materials beyond traditional green turf to enhance their outdoor spaces.

Materials like mulch, gravel, paver stones, and retaining wall blocks are becoming popular among those seeking sustainable, low-maintenance landscaping solutions. This situation can be stressful for property owners who may be uncertain about the best materials for their landscapes. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top landscaping materials for your gardens in Graham, Puyallup, Lakewood, Steilacoom, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, and nearby areas and provide guidance on selecting the most suitable options.


What is the best material to use for landscaping?

1. Soil & Fertilizer

Leading landscape material suppliers in Steilacoom reveal that your existing soil may require replenishment of nutrients and may need to be mixed or replaced with soil and fertilizer. You may need to excavate clay or other unsuitable soil and replace it. Additional soil is typically necessary for raised beds. 


2. Mulch

You may already know that mulch is a great ground cover for several reasons. It helps retain moisture beneath the surface, reducing the frequency of watering required for plants. Leading landscape materials in Gig Harbor reveal that this layer doesn’t promote much weed growth. As time and water affect the mulch, its nutrients are passed onto the soil. It’s a great finisher for any gardening project. 

You can contact Randles Sand and Gravel at (253)531-6800 to source excellent quality mulches for your landscape.


3. Gravel

Gravel serves as an excellent filler material that allows water to drain effectively from the area. Its porous nature enables efficient drainage, making it suitable for various applications, including parking heavy machinery like cars or lawn equipment, as it doesn’t compact significantly. 


4. Pavers and Bricks

Nothing completes a backyard like a stone path or patio. According to the top landscape material suppliers in Port Orchard, pavers and bricks provide a more modern, flexible alternative to concrete and a less time-consuming process than natural stone. Typically sold by the pallet, both types of stonework come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Before installing them, you’ll need to compact and level the ground.


5. Sand:

When laying down stone floors using pavers and bricks, especially with natural stone, a couple of bags of sand are crucial for maintaining level surfaces. The sand acts as a cushion, allowing you to adjust the stones as needed. Once the installation is complete, additional sand is poured between the pavers or bricks to keep them securely in place. Contact Randles Sand and Gravel at (253)531-6800 to book premium-quality sand. 


6. Retaining Wall Blocks and Edgers:

Add some dimension to your landscape with retaining walls or raised garden beds. Leading landscape material suppliers in Lakewood reveal that retaining wall blocks are perfect for taming uneven landscapes or creating distinct features. Edgers are great for defining paths and outlining garden areas. Both come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing for seamless coordination with each other and other stonework elements.


How To Choose The Right Landscape Materials?

1. Aesthetics

Leading landscape material suppliers in Graham reveal that properly done residential landscaping creates an impression of care and attention to detail around the home, enhancing its overall appeal and value. Consider how the landscaping of rocks and sand will enhance the beauty of your space. You need to find quality landscaping materials that accentuate surrounding elements, including the property. 


2. Costs

Pricing is yet another crucial factor as you plan your gardening design. Leading landscape material suppliers in Steilacoom reveal that the availability of garden supplies can affect the final cost as exotic and rare items often attract a higher price tag. First, decide on your budget for landscaping decorations, and then request multiple quotes from local suppliers to compare their pricing.


3. Functionality

Another key consideration is obviously the intended purpose of the landscaping supplies. Top landscape material suppliers in Port Orchard reveal that you should assess your end goals for landscaping projects. Look for decorative landscaping materials that can serve multiple functions within the garden space. 

For instance, stone pavers can act as walkways and help drain rainwater into the subsoil. Landscaping professionals from Randles Sand and Gravel can help you choose the material best suited for your property.


4. Durability

According to the leading landscape material suppliers in Lakewood, crushed stone is available in sizes ranging from 0.5 to 4 inches. The gardening supplies you pick must withstand the test of time, ensuring durability for your outdoor space.

When placed outdoors, rocks and pavers are constantly exposed to the elements of nature. It’s important to maintain their beauty and functionality for an extended period without deteriorating too quickly.


5. Maintenance

Additionally, you may have to factor in the expenses and the level of maintenance required to keep the landscaping materials in top shape. Top landscape material suppliers in Gig Harbor suggest that tasks like edging, trimming, and cleaning may become necessary maintenance activities over time.  

It’s important to determine if the material can withstand decay and moss growth without the need for chemicals. Additionally, inquire whether the decorative rock will demand less maintenance over time.


6. Health And Safety

Top landscape material suppliers in Puyallup reveal that you may have to consider whether your chosen landscaping design supports the usage of less toxic chemicals and materials in your lawn. Do the pavers and rocks even reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents? Furthermore, you should also consider accessibility for wheelchairs and other mobility-assistance devices.


7. Ecological Benefits

You may also have to consider the effects of the gardening supplies on the overall natural environment within your landscape. Choose appropriate materials that can conserve water and support your drainage systems. You can contact your chosen sand and gravel company to inquire about the absence of toxins that could potentially leach into the soil or underground water.


Final Takeaway

If you’re in search of top-quality landscaping materials, contact the professionals at Randles Sand and Gravel. We offer various landscape materials to help you complete any gardening project. From crushed rock, bark, topsoil, compost, sand, round rock, and landscaping boulders, you can find what you need. We also have a retail-friendly yard if you wish to visit us and want to pick something up yourself. 

If not, we offer reliable delivery services to customers in Puyallup, Tacoma, Graham, Steilacoom, Lakewood, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, and nearby areas. We’re confident our customer service and products will exceed your expectations, and you can count on us to provide quality products at affordable prices. 

Contact us at (253)531-6800 to schedule an appointment with our team today.

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