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Lynch Creek Quarry

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Purdy Topsoil and Gravel

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Welcome to Randles Sand & Gravel in Puyallup, WA

Randles Sand and Gravel - (253) 531-6800 

Randles Sand and Gravel provides topsoil in Gig Harbor WA||||

Since our humble beginnings in 1969 selling topsoil, Randles Sand and Gravel has grown to be one of the largest producers of sand, gravel and topsoil in the Puget Sound area.

With a large fleet of trucks, service has become the cornerstone of our company.

Our experienced employees work hard to provide you with the quality products needed for all your commercial and residential construction projects.

Whether spreading compost mulch in your flowerbeds or building a rockery, Randles Sand and Gravel has a team of experienced and knowledgeable sales staff to assist you in acquiring the materials you need. In addition to our line of crushed rock, washed rock, sand and topsoil, we also recycle asphalt, concrete and clean clearing and wood debris.

We are open Monday through Saturday and are located at the east end of 192nd Street off of Canyon Road East in Frederickson.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express as well as personal checks and cash.

Randles Sand and Gravel offers:



Please check on the availability of our products.  

All Prices FOB, Call for delivered pricing. All prices are subject to change.  

Randles Sand and Gravel Product Descriptions

Washed Gravel Products

#01-3/8"x1/4" Pea Gravel
Sanitary Sewer Pipe Bedding
Does not require compaction

Capillary Break Material Under Concrete

Walkway Gravel

#02-7/8"x3/8" Concrete Aggregate
Concrete Aggregate

Gravel Backfill for Drains 9-03.12(4)

Dog Runs

#03-1 1/2"x3/4" Drain Rock
Drain Rock for Septic Systems

Gravel Backfill for Drywells 9-03.12(5)

Alternative Ground Cover

#05-Concrete Mix
Concrete Mix(Sand and Gravel)
Add cement and water to make concrete

Two sizes- 3/8" and 7/8"

Washed Sand Products

#10-Washed Sand(1/4"-)
Dry Utility Bedding
Coarse, washed and free draining

Drainage layer under pavers
Coarser than most building sands

Playground Sand

#12-Mound Sand
C-33 Medium Sand for Septic Systems
Commonly referred to as building sand
#14-Pipe Bedding(1"-)
WSDOT Pipe Zone Bedding 9-03.12(3)
Washed rock and washed sand mix

Storm Sewer Pipe Bedding

Crushed Rock Products

#27-1/4"-Crushed Rock
WSDOT Sanding Aggregate
Referred to as crushed screenings

Golf Cart Paths
Compacts well

Base under paver sand layer

#29-3/8"-Crushed Rock
Class G Asphalt Aggregate

WSDOT Crushed Surfacing Top Course
Compacts well

Common driveway gravel 9-03.9(3)

#21-1 1/4"- CSBC
WSDOT Crushed Surfacing Base Course
Compacts well

Common driveway gravel 9-03.9(3)

Bank Run Products

#30-2"- Screened Bank Run
Pierce County Select Trench Backfill

WSDOT Trench Backfill/Pipe Zone Backfill

WSDOT Gravel Base

#32-Class B/Unscreened
Unscreened Sand and Gravel(8-10"-)

General Fill Material

Quarry Rock Products(LCQ)

#47-5/8"-Crushed Rock
Driveway Gravel 100% Fracture Compacts

#48-1 1/4"-Crushed Rock
Driveway Gravel 100% Fracture Compacts

#49- 1 1/4"x5/8" Clean Crushed
AREA #5 Railroad Ballast

Used to bind up driveway mud 3-4" deep

Decorative Ground Cover

Rock Wall Backfill(1 Man)

#46-2"x3/4"Clean Crushed
Used to bind up driveway mud 4-6" deep

Rock Wall Backfill(2 Man Rock)

#43-2"x4" Quarry Spalls
Temporary Road Approaches

Rock Wall Backfill(3 Man Rock)

#42-4"x8" Quarry Spalls
Temporary Road Approaches

RockWall Backfill(3-4 Man Rock)

WSDOT Quarry Spalls

#4000-Excavator Loaded Rock
Field Stone or Quarry Rock

#401-Flat or Hole Rock
Flats Used for Steps or as Stepping Stones

Hole Rock used in water features or for

decorative purposes

#400-Hand Picked Rock
Any Rock Hand Selected

#44-1/2 Man Rock
Garden Walls 12-18" High

#40-1 Man Rock
Rockeries from 18-36" High

#40-1 Man Rock
Rockeries from 24-48" High

Soil Products

#5030-Lawn Mix
Multipurpose Topsoil Mix
Contains 10% Compost
#50-Garden Mix
Garden and Landscape Bed Soil Mix
Contains approximately 25% compost
#65L-Cascade Compost
Soil Amendment
Composted yard waste by LRI(5/16"-)

Dark Black Top Dressing
High in nutrients and minerals
Ground Covers

#60Fine-Fine Landscape Bark
1/2"- Hemlock-Fir Bark for Ground Cover

#60Y-Medium Landscape Bark
1 1/2"- Helmock-Fir Bark for Ground Cover

Recycled Products

Used in Road Bases for Stabilization
Highly Compactable
#57-2"x4" Concrete
Alternative to Quarry Spalls
Less Expensive
#559-3/4" Recycled Asphalt
Used as a replacement for Crushed Rock
Highly Compactable

to Control Dust on Roads
Only contains pure recycled asphalt
Dump Fees

#80-Clean Non Reinforced Concrete
2'- and can contain no metal

#881-Clean Asphalt

#882-Reinforced Concrete
Containing reinforcement of any kind

#883-Reinforced Conc/Gravel Mix

#885-Oversize Concrete
Material over 4' on any side
Priced on Request
#884-Conc/Asphalt Mix
2'- Non Reinforced

#82-Usable Material
Clean Topsoil or Sand and Gravel that can

be used in production

#84-Unclassified Fill
Soil Containing no Organic/Concrete or


#83-Wood Waste
Clean Construction or Clearing Debris

Cannot Contain Painted or Treated Wood

Misc Material

#101-Field Stone
Accent Stones
Excavator Loaded Boulders

Wide Variety of Sizes and colors